SUAVINEX Anti-Colic Bottle Zerø.Zerø - 270 ml Size M


SUAVINEX Baby bottle anti-collic Zero.Zero 270ml size M Ref 304593



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The Zero Zero Bottle designed by Suavinex is the only one to offer a patented anti-colic pouch system combined with a nipple perfectly imitating the mother's breast.

How does it work? The anti-colic bag filled with milk functions in the same way as the mammary glands. It retracts as the baby sucks, thus emptying the air, which prevents the baby from swallowing air and thus minimizes the risk of colic and reflux. This revolutionary Suavinex pouch also preserves all the nutrional quality of the milk, because, as the air circulates not inside, no risk of oxidation, the nutrients are thus preserved.

The Zero.Zero bottle has a revolutionary nipple that mimics the texture of the breast. Longer and thanks to its curved base, the Zero.Zero Suavinex pacifier manages to position and work like the breast, the tongue, the tongue and the muscles of the jaw. The side position of the Zero.Zero pacifier avoids the ingestion of air because it is always filled with milk. Its inclined angle respects the natural curvature of the breast and allows a comfortable and relaxed position during breastfeeding.

Hygienic and easy to clean, Zero.Zero Suavinex is the perfect baby bottle for the first months of baby, for a natural feed, relaxed and without colic.



Anti-colic pocket that works like the mammary glands:
- It retracts as and when feeding.

- Avoid baby swallowing air.

Helps prevent the risk of colic and reflux.
Silicone pocket: hygienic.
No air in the bottle: avoids the oxidation of milk to preserve all nutrients.
Ultra-soft silicone teat:
- Immerse the nipple in texture and consistency.

- Longer and curved base: allows the mouth, tongue and jaw muscles to position and work like the breast.

- Side position: avoids ingestion of air, the pacifier is always filled with milk.

- Angled angle: allows a correct position of the baby's neck and thus a relaxed and natural breastfeeding.

BIberon completely removable: easy to maintain for an irreproachable hygiene.
Suitable for breastfed or bottle-fed babies.
Teat available in 3 flow rates.
Bottle available in 180 ml or 270 ml.
Made in Europe.

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