Suavinex ZERO ZERO anti-colic feeding bottle 180 ml


Zero Zero Bottle 180ml

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The Zerø.Zerø baby bottle from Suavinex is perfect for your baby from birth. Innovative, the nipple mimics the maternal nipple, to provide all the comfort and well-being needed for your child and offer him a better transition from breast to bottle. This bottle is ideal for mixed breastfeeding thanks to its special breastfeeding nipple that has a special slot unlike conventional teats.

Technical characteristics :
- Silicone physiological teat with breastfeeding flow and patented anti-colic with slit system.
- The slot allows the baby to regulate the amount of milk, as happens with the mother's breast.
- Anti-colic bag that retracts like the mammary glands during feeding.
- Tilt to avoid ingestion of air and avoid oxidation of milk.
- Capacity: 180 ml.
- Imitates the mother's breast.
- Soft texture.
- Perfect for premature babies with low suction force.
Tested and approved by moms and health professionals.

Care tip:
- Clean before each use with lukewarm water.

Usage tips :
- Sterilize with boiling water for 3 minutes or in a sterilizer.
- Do not sterilize in the microwave.

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