Suavinex-Lot 2 Anti-Colic Bottle Teats ZERO ZERO


Pack of 2 teats adaptable on the ZERO ZERO anti-colic bottle of SUAVINEX.



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This special bottle nipple zerø.zerø suavinex is unique! its design based on scientific studies, recreates conditions similar to breastfeeding. its resemblance to the maternal breast minimizes breast-bottle confusion. ultra-soft silicone - mimics the texture and consistency of the nipple - better aesthetic resemblance to longer curved skin - allows the mouth, tongue and jaw to position and work the same way as with the breast position aside - avoids air ingestion, the nipple is always filled with flat, sloped milk - allows for a correct position of the baby's neck and relaxed breastfeeding - helps prevent reflux and ear infections slow / s. small hole system. ideal baby breastfed or not. exists in medium flow or special breastfeeding. manufacturing Europe


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