Suavinex ETHNIC Bottle 270 ML Round White Silicone

3 speeds
270 ml 0 + m


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The sweetness of turquoise blue and ethnic patterns will make you travel with baby. Adapted from birth, this bottle from the Couture Ethnic Collection is unique. Premium quality, it features a 3-speed anti-colic nipple, allowing you to easily adjust the flow of milk for a quiet feeding. The improved and integrated anti-colic valve helps prevent infant colic as well as gastric reflux problems. Its wide collar is convenient for pouring milk powder, and easy to clean. Suavinex thinks first and foremost of the comfort of feeding baby with a soft and flexible 3-speed round teat which allows by simple rotation of the bottle to regulate the flow of milk according to the rate of suction. Equipped with a sealing disc: - Ideal to mix evenly and avoid a pile of powder in the pacifier - Convenient to carry without leaks All our bottles are compatible with our physiological teats in silicone or latex. "Ethnic" Couture Collection by Suavinex. Color White Ethnic Pattern Capacity 270 ml. Silicone teat 3 speeds. IMPORTANT: Do not sterilize in the microwave Compatible with sterilization in boiling water for 3 minutes or in a sterilizer (not designed for microwave use). Bottle material: Guaranteed polyamide without BPA. Made in Europe Whatever their shape and material chosen, the quality and design of Suavinex teats and lollipops are optimal to promote the correct development of the palate and are recommended by the Spanish Association of Pediatric Orthodontists.


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